About Us

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Our Approach

It is the goal of Chromatic Clouds to normalize the integration of cannabis into the global economy by focusing on our customers and providing them with education in business development, compliance with rules and regulations, standardization of policies and procedures, and the widest selection of cannabis goods and services available. It is our aim to provide our consumers with the most comprehensive selection of products and services at the most competitive prices in an effortless and fun online experience.

Our Founder Lyle’s Story

Until recently, I was stuck in a dead-end job and my life was in shambles. I decided to make a change. I saw great opportunities in cannabis, both medically and financially. Accordingly, I decided to leave my secure legal job and risk everything to be a business owner in this great American industry. I know God is guiding me down the right path. I knew I was not versed in the “business of business” and recognized that I needed professional help in adding clarity to my vision and formulating a strategy to reach my goals. I enlisted the aid of a leading entrepreneur and well-established business builder. He has become my mentor and friend. With his guidance and with the help of a close friend and former colleague who has battled hardship and poverty to become a leading cannabis attorney in Los Angeles, I have turned my ideas into well strategic plans for the future. Like cannabis, there was a negative stigma associated with me due to misunderstandings. Now, however, just like the miracle plant cannabis, in the end, I too will prove society and outdated thinking and traditions wrong.

Meet the Team

Lyle Bogorad, Esq.

Founder & CEO

Experience: 14 years

Ann Marie James, Esq.

Vice President 

Experience: 15 years

James Vena

Lead Consultant and Chief
Development Advisor

Experience: 26 years